The start of Guitar Chords and Mandarin Chinese

This Sunday will be the beginning of posting regularly. I used my Wacom Intuos Tablet in Adobe Illustrator to create an interesting and fun way to learn Guitar and Mandarin.

Now I know that I’ll never forget to say “Hello” in Mandarin, or to play the G Major Chord on guitar.

In the first week of learning guitar, I’ve had to cut my nails and practice daily to build a strong callus on the tip of my fingers. This week I also discovered a 30 Day Free Trial for Guitar Lessons on So far so good..the lessons are easy to follow and the videos are shot in multiple angles so you know where to place your fingers quickly. I think it’s cool that the first lessons give you a detailed run down of the guitar,amplifier and pedal.

To learn Mandarin, I’ve been using Fluenz on and off for a year. There’s like 13 Sessions and I’m only on the 3rd :/….. I like it a lot because its easy to follow and the workouts teach you the material efficiently. So far… I know how to greet people and call the waiter over to order some coffee.

I have a lot to learn and I’m so excited ayyyeeee


G MAJOR-01.jpgMandarin Template-01.jpg


^^^^^ THAT’S ME

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