Tinder life hack!

Had the wonderful opportunity to go to San Clemente beach with one of my best friends. Right when we arrived to San Clemente, I looked up on Google “Celebrities in San Clemente”…. the results were professional surfers and one porn actress. I had never been here before so I thought it would be a great idea to re activate my Tinder to see what the locals do here. I set a 0-20 mile radius, set the option to boys and girls and swiped right until I had no more likes left. My bio was “not looking for anything, just here for 2 days and want to know what the locals do around here.” I thought I had made it pretty clear that I wasn’t looking to go on a date or meet some of these people (I just wanted to know THE MOVE AROUND HERE)

The first thing we did here was go to the beach. It was packed with locals and the sun would come and go, at times it would be chilly. The waves crashed by the shore and the water was the “warmest” it has ever been (Still cold ocean water but more comfortable than usual).My friend and I went head deep into the ocean and it was soooo refreshing. It was very unlike me..especially since I’m pretty sure I almost drowned in Mexico.Surprisingly I can’t wait to go back to the beaaach

This is a joke… look at the heart with our feet

I went to check my Tinder and my matches did NOT get the memo!!!I MEAN some of them got the memo but snuck in a way to get me to go out with them…..

I appreciate this KING THO.

he didn’t say hey or anything, he gave me exactly what I asked for.


This has got to be some kind of life hack because I did get what I wanted. Ladies and gentlemen if you go somewhere new and want to know what’s up… ASK THE LOCALS

Through tinder 🙂 it works

“I feel used”

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