The Censor named Gage

So I started reading this book called the The Artists Way…..

This book teaches the “Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.” I bought this book because I wanted to be more in touch with my creative self and felt a little lost. Not only is it going to help with my creativity, but also replace negative inhibiting forces with artistic confidence and productivity. I’m only on the first chapter, and this book has already bitch slapped me in the face and made me want to get off my ass and be more productive.IMG_5942.jpgNow that you know a little bit about the book, I want to get to talking about THE CENSOR (are you not sure of what that is? keep reading.) . The Censor is our internal and eternal critic, it resides in our left brain and keeps up a constant stream of trouble making comments that are disguised as the truth.

For Example

THE CENSOR WILL BE PLAYING GAGE (I’m sorry but Gage is the most aggressive name I could think of)

Scenario 1

ANDIE: *sketches a tree that she sees at the park*

GAGE: “HA! you call that a tree?”

Scenario 2

ANDIE: *thinks about learning to write Mandarin*

GAGE: “You’re way too late to learn something new… don’t even try”

Scenario 3

Andie: *Writes a blog post*

Gage: “BITCH you can’t even spell. What makes you think you can be creative?”

Gage is an asshole and you have to make a rule to ALWAYS remember Gage aint’ shit and Gage’s negative ass opinions are NOT THE TRUTH.

“Make no mistake: The Censor is out to get you. It’s a cunning foe. Every time you get smarter, so does it.”

“Any original thought can look pretty dangerous to our Censor.”

 The Censor  likes to play it safe and will tell you everything original is dangerous or wrong.

I’ve let Gage/The Censor ruin a lot of things for me. Gage has taken over my brain at times and it has pushed me back.

“Fuck Gage”

Gage has told me that I wasn’t going to be accepted, and I literally didn’t even apply.

Gage has shut down every original idea I’ve had and called it stupid.

Gage has told me to not put out music because people would judge.

2 Years ago I’ve started to slowly kill Gage

I made a website

I started making music with my friends and put it out

I’m teaching myself Mandarin, and how to use Adobe Programs

I’m not tooting my own horn lol, I’m just saying you can do a lot and get shit done if you put your mind to it and ignore your Censor.

I’m saying ignore your Censor like it’s easy PSHHHHH

In the book It recommends to do Morning Pages. Which is when you write 3 pages of Brain drain and write down whatever comes to mind, dragging your hand across the paper without stopping until you are at the last page. It’s not suppose to be art or actual writing and it isn’t suppose to sound smart. I read back my Morning Pages yesterday and saw how my Censor took over and said “wow my handwriting sucks, I suck at writing”, but then it turned into the lyrics of I Want to Break Free-Queen. 

Reaching out to friends is also a great way to ignore your Censor,because their jobs are to gas you up and help you make the best decisions for yourself. Talk to your friends about any doubts you have. GAS YOUR FRIENDS UP OFTEN.


What are you naming your Censor?


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