Why I want to learn Mandarin

Sophomore year I met a foreign exchange student from China. She sat behind me in English class and I befriended her very quickly. I loved her energy and we got along and helped each other out in class. She would gift me pens, highlighters, candy and snacks from China (HONESTLY THE NICEST PERSON I HAVE […]

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Tinder life hack!

Had the wonderful opportunity to go to San Clemente beach with one of my best friends. Right when we arrived to San Clemente, I looked up on Google “Celebrities in San Clemente”…. the results were professional surfers and one porn actress. I had never been here before so I thought it would be a great […]

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How to balance work and life

Have an outlet. Sometimes I get in a funk where I feel like I have no purpose…..I love my job, i’ts just how I feel sometimes when I haven’t done anything for myself. That’s why I need to have an outlet to say I’ve done something for myself today and to clear my mind. If […]

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