About me (2018)

whats good 🙂

me not giving a fuq about becoming a “blogger”

I’m 19 years old and live in Las Vegas, also known as “Vegas”. I work a 9-5 job at a boutique law firm and do school full time also .I wanted to start a blog because I think it would be cool to do as a hobby and it would make me more productive. I  have always wanted to learn Mandarin Chinese , guitar, and to know my way around all Adobe programs. ☆.。.:*I BE SO lazy sometimes.☆.。.:* and I procrastinate learning to do all these things, but I’m hoping this blog will motivate me a little more.

I love to create art in many forms, such as painting, sculpting, graphic design and music. Creating art is such an escape for me and clears my mind of any B.S.

Hope this blog is as interesting as I think its going to be 🙂

Goals for this Blog/Myself
1.Teach y’all and myself a new word/phrase in Mandarin a few times a week

2. Create ART of any kind every Sunday

3. Put out some good content every Mon. Wed. & Sun.

4. Create 1 song every month

yo imma try…seems like a lot but I can do it


About me (2019)

Hi it’s me Andie from the future. I’m 20 now. Work and life got in the way of my goals for this blog. We must rebuild.

my guitar neck broke from storing it in my trunk (life a piece of trash)…which I regret because I miss it so much.

I’m back though.

i’m gonna do my best.

This website automatically renewed itself so that means I need to be on top of it now.



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